Procurement & Contracts Manager

Procurement & Contracts Manager (40-60k)

Passionate about people and their development, this organisation takes great pride in what they do and strive for first rate customer service at all times. With an exciting period of growth planned they are now looking to bring on board an additional Procurement and Contracts Manager.

You will join a high calibre team and and serve key stakeholders to develop and implement key procurement and commercial strategies across a range of projects. The role content will be varied however you will focus on providing the necessary pre and post contract quantity surveying / commercial support on a range of one-off projects and programmes of work. Working closely with you HoD,you’ll deliver strategies and contracts by providing robust post-contract commercial management, which will support the project goals and objectives.

Although open on sector background, any experience within Construction or a related sector may be useful particularly when drafting and analysing contracts etc. Clearly well developed communication skills are expected, as you will be dealing with a wide range of stakeholders, as well as experience in estimating, cost and budget management, contract administration, payment/expenditure management and dispute resolution.

Ideally you will have a QS degree and MRICS along with experience of working on high value projects in a fast paced commercial environment.

The role is based in the South of UK and so travel will be required as part of the role. A competitive basic salary plus car allowance, bonus and strong benefits is on offer.

Are you looking to improve your time and cost of hire?

Let’s cut to the chase! Our solution is not going to be for everyone. If you have an internal recruitment team or you want to have a crack at it yourself and maybe use a couple of agencies to send a few additional candidates to bulk up your long-list then our solution is unlikely to be particularly relevant for you.

If however you are looking for a full life cycle recruitment solution that offers a clear recruitment timetable as well as fair and transparent pricing, then read on!

As a growing business, we understand that when making increases to your headcount, the number one priority is to find the best possible candidates in the most time and cost effective manner possible. This is what we do!

Our model works best with organisations that do not have the requirement for an in-house strategic recruitment function or where specialist support is required for a specific assignment.  We fill that gap on an assignment by assignment basis.

We manage the full recruitment life-cycle, from writing engaging advert copy, through to creating a well rounded shortlist and managing the offer/rejection process.  Your assignment will be managed by a highly experienced Recruiter, meaning that you can focus your time on your own workload, whilst we use our experience to source and engage with relevant candidates for your position.

We can arrange branded online advertising and will share the advertising cost with you, or for confidential assignments we can use non-branded advertising along with our direct approach efforts.  For early career/volume assignments we are also able to incorporate video interviewing to save time for all parties involved in the process.

The days of recruitment agencies dining out on the size of their database are over. The emergence of platforms such as LinkedIn, mean that identifying potential candidates has never been easier, however the real skill of recruitment remains the same and that is the ability to attract and engage candidates to your organisation and open position. This is what takes the time and ultimately what you pay is for!

Our process brings together advertising, direct contact, social media and networking.

Through a combination of established relationships, networking and referral we will endeavour to create a well rounded long list, rather than simply forwarding on the results from an advert response.

Although we support our search efforts with carefully selected online advertising, our focus and the real way that we add value, is supplying candidates that your own direct methods do not reach.  We work hard to ensure that every candidate we submit will have a positive impact on your overall recruitment assignment.


The second stage of the recruitment process is to ensure that interested parties are managed fairly and efficiently and that those candidates who are appropriate for short listing are managed speedily and with all consideration to ensure that their initial interest is turned into desire to progress to interview stage.

Our clients do not use us to simply push CVs their way.  We are an integral and vital part of the selection process.  All consultants are exprienced in competency based interviewing meaning that anybody who is shortlisted will have demonstrated the attitudes and behaviours to fill your position successfully.

At the completion of our selection process, we will provide you with a refined shortlist of the most suitable candidates based on our assessment of their skills and experience in line with the criteria set by you, and our understanding of the culture and dynamics of your organisation.

Completion – securing your favoured candidate

RAD Human Resources will be on hand to make a verbal offer to the candidate.  Our advice will be critical in formulating offers at the right salary level and making sure that the right candidate is appointed.

This phase of the process should not be underestimated and will help protect you against counter offer and/or turn down.

We will then remain in close contact with the candidate throughout their notice period.

Once the candidate starts we will remain in contact with both candidate and yourself to be on hand to resolve any problems arising at an early stage.

Candidates are very vulnerable in the early weeks of a new position and once again this part of the process is critical to ensure that a small misunderstanding does not become a major problem.

In order for all this to happen you can see why the relationship between recruiter and hiring company needs to be exclusive. The multi agency contingency model is simply a race to the bottom with speed of CV send the overriding KPI as opposed to a measured and thorough search.

If you are going to pay a recruitment fee, then invest it in a proper fit for purpose full life cycle solution and let your recruiter do the heavy lifting whilst you focus your time on your day job!

Sales Manager – Czech Republic

Sales Manager – Czech Republic

Have you experience of Sales/Account Management within the travel sector? Are you happy working with an autonomous home based position?

If so, then we are currently looking for an experienced Sales Manager with specific responsibility for accounts within the travel sector. You will be responsible for a specific geographic sales territory and will proactively look for opportunities to maximise sales opportunities for both new and existing customers.

You will be supplied with all the tools and back up you need to be successful in the position. The CRM and sales management system is first class, allowing you to spend your time doing what you are best at and that is ensuring a first-rate customer experience.

The product is highly regarded and sales targets are realistic. The package will be made up of a basic in the region of € 30,000, with quarterly bonus and a range of other benefits.

If you are looking for an organisation that looks after their people, remunerates well and offers plenty of scope for career development then this is well worth investigating. They are looking for capable and ambitious sales professionals and in turn will offer plenty of scope to take your career to the next level.

Customer Service Assistant – Part time

Customer Service Assistant – Part time – Woking – c18-20k

Are you looking to use your previous customer service experience within a highly people focused business? If so, we have a great telephone based role within a Woking based business, who are looking for a new colleague on a part time basis.

You will join a friendly and highly successful sales/customer service team, advising customers on the range of options available to them. It is a targeted role and so you will need to be used to working within a target driven environment, however quotas are realistic and it is a very supportive culture.

Your time on the phone will be targeted by both maximising income per call but also ensuring a first-rate customer experience.

Ideally you will have some telephone based sales or customer service experience, however strong communicators with B2C sales experience are also urged to apply. Along with first rate communication skills, you will also need to be IT literate and always looking for ways to improve performance in your business area.

You will undertake a comprehensive training program and receive all the tools to ensure your success in this position.

If you are looking for a part time position to fit around other commitments, then there is a lot of flexibility for the right candidate.

Recruitment: How to improve your time and cost of hire!

Recruitment: How to improve your time and cost of hire!

We have spoken many times about the benefits of an exclusive arrangement with your recruitment partner. Our post “How you pay is what you get” goes into detail, however the case study below shows how this works in practice.

There are some common misconceptions, that retained and exclusive arrangements are only relevant for senior hire or that is not a cost effective way to recruit at an early career level. This is incorrect!

Firstly, there are many very experienced Recruiters who now operate as part of smaller entities who understand the importance of exclusive relationships and are able to tailor a fee structure to ensure an agreement that works well for both sides.

Secondly if a hire is not important to your business then you shouldn’t really be making it. Just because it is a role that requires less experience, does not mean it does not require a well structured process. If you therefore are going to use an external partner, then choose one who will be fully committed to your search and who will ensure a first rate candidate journey for those that apply. This will only be achieved when both sides are invested in the process i.e. retained/exclusive arrangement.

At RAD Human Resources our goal is to find customers who believe what we believe and work together so that we can all succeed. With this in mind we offer a range of flexible solutions that are a fair deal for all involved.

The case study below details an Early Career level assignment where we took responsibility for the full life cycle resulting in successful appointments across multiple vacancies.

The Organisation

A growing technology business with offices across the UK, Europe, Asia and US.

The Challenges

Operating in a highly candidate led market, the organisation experienced a number of recruitment challenges, particularly surrounding the recruitment of permanent IT professionals. A combination of shortage of local skills and higher wage availability in London/M4 corridor meant hiring suitable candidates without breaking local wage structures was very difficult.

With this in mind a decision was made to hire a number of graduate/early career level candidates and put them through a structured development plan, rather than focus purely on the recruitment of experienced candidates.


We proposed a full life-cycle solution, working on an exclusive basis, handling all aspect of the assignment. This included an online advertising campaign where we created all copy and distributed on both specialist and generic job boards. We also created a number of targeted Facebook posts as well as sharing through other social media channels. Our Resourcing Partners also ran multiple searches through various online CV databases, ensuring that all angles were covered.

Applications were then screened, with relevant options entered into the selection process. Once we had briefed and gained interest from suitable candidates, we asked them to undertake a short video interview, consisting of 5 x 1 minute questions that were designed to showcase both personality and technical understanding.

The short list for each role was presented, which included a full candidate profile with URL for each video that could be viewed by the hiring manager and shared with other team members for group feedback.


The results were very positive, with all 3 vacancies making it to offer/acceptance.

The organisation favoured a one stage on-site interview process. This included both technical and HR led interviews, as well as company intro and meet the team etc. This was designed to reduce travel/time costs for candidates and keep the process moving swiftly for hiring managers. This process works well, however some previous frustrations had existed when poor quality applications had slipped through the net and time had been allocated to the process with little chance of a return.

Hiring managers reported that the information they received from the video interview, along with their first stage telephone interview, allowed them to make decisions on who to progress with much more confidence. This included candidates based outside of the UK.

The results of this were evident in the low final stage interview to offer ratio. The clear advantages of this are time efficiency for managers as well as a strong candidate experience as applicants were moved through the process swiftly and were not investing time and money into a process where they had little chance of success.


This assignment was agreed on an exclusive basis for an initial 28 day period. Due to issues of confidentiality, we did not use branded advertising and so no advertising retainer was paid. This would normally be in the region of £199+VAT for positions at this level.

The recruitment fee for each position was 10% of the annualised salary. The total invoice for the 3 positions was £6800 + VAT. This included a 12 week rebate period.

I have worked with RAD on many previous occasions and so I was happy to help them trial their new SME recruitment solution. Recruiting at this entry level, can be a time consuming process as many of the CVs and experience of the candidates is similar as the majority, by the nature of being recent graduates, have limited work experience. I was interested to see how the video interview technology would support the process and I am pleased to say that the results were very positive. The feedback from managers was very encouraging, as the 5 minute video interview allowed them to get a better insight into each candidate and helped to streamline the selection process. We were able to reduce down the number of telephone screenings we were undertaking and were able to concentrate on the technical testing of the applicants. I was further impressed with the fee structure that has been put in place and felt that their solution added a lot of value to our recent recruitment activity. “ Senior HR Business Partner, Technology Sector

If you are interested in exploring a modern approach to your recruitment needs, then get in touch and we will happily arrange a time to discuss further.

Send us a message


“Paul Withers is an experienced Recruiter with extensive exposure gained across a diverse range of industry sectors. Equally happy working at entry through to director level, he is well placed to advise on any recruitment or job search challenges that you may be currently facing.

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Software Project Manager – Belfast

Software Project Manager – Belfast

Are you an experienced Software Project Manager? Or maybe a Software Developer looking for career progression?

We are currently looking for a Software Project Manager to join an international development team. Their approach is highly effective and cutting-edge; the people ambitious and driven. It is the sort of company you will want to work for if you like fast-paced, variety and potential.

This will suit you if you enjoy a role that is broad in scope and that will make use of your ability to react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with practical solutions to dealing with them. The role will be challenging and so requires self assurance and competitive drive. Its fun though and is part of a strong team, leading the way in the niche that they operate.

We envisage that that you will have a related degree (Computer Science etc), a few years working as a Software Developer and a good understanding of processes and technologies such as SCRUM, Continuous Integration, Test-driven development, Extreme Programming, etc. Further experience in C++, C#, Java or any other OOP language is desirable.

Basic salary is up to 40k with a strong range of additional benefits. It’s an exciting time to join and so please feel free to contact Paul at RAD Human Resources and we can arrange a time to discuss in more detail.

IT Product Trainer

Are you a Computer Science graduate with strong customer service experience? Or maybe you worked for a software company helping customers with product installation and training?

If so, we are looking for an IT Trainer/Engineer to join an industry leading software company at an exciting time of positive change. For the last 30 years they have developed innovative solutions to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction within the the sectors that they operate.

They are currently looking to hire someone with a strong technical understanding, with well developed communication skills who can work with their customers to ensure a seamless introduction to their product range. You will work closely with both new and existing customers and will be involved in product installation, ongoing support and training.

Due to the range of skills skills required, we envisage that candidates could come from a number of areas. It could be someone qualified by experience who has worked in a product role within a software company or a graduate with more limited commercial experience. What’s important is a customer focussed approach and the ability to operate successfully in a technical role and translate this into easy to understand language for non technical clients.

You will work as part of an established team and will play an important role in linking departments together and managing workflow as required. You will have plenty of autonomy to get your job done, but will also have the support and guidance of experienced teams in both technical and sales disciplines

If the above sounds of interest, then please send through your details and we will arrange a time to discuss things further.

Product Specialist – Glasgow

We are currently supporting a small but ambitious software company with the recruitment of a Product Specialist.

As a growing business you will need to be flexible in your approach, however you will join a business where the technology is highly effective and cutting-edge; the people ambitious and driven. It is the sort of company you will want to work for if you like fast-paced, variety and potential.  If you like working with smart people and having autonomy to get your job done then this will certainly deliver.

As the new Product Specialist, it’s hard to describe exactly what you will do as you will need to tailor your approach to commercial needs. But we’ll try:

  • Provide product training to new and existing clients
  • Act as the link between customers and the development team
  • Manage customer expectations with regards to project work
  • Become the Product expert and be comfortable demonstrating to a variety of audiences.

We envisage that an ideal candidate would have some experience of training/product demonstration and also have some finance/accounts experience.  Clearly, well developed communication skills are a must as is the flexibility to adapt to a fast paced and changing environment.

Salary is £25-30,000 with bonus(10%) and benefits.

If this sounds of interest, then please feel free to get in touch and we will arrange a time to discuss things further.

Data Scientist – London

Are you an experienced Data Scientist? Do you have strong programming experience (R or Python)? Want to develop your experience in a high calibre organisation at an exciting time of their development?

We are currently looking for a Lead Data Scientist to join a team of world class data scientists and statisticians. Their approach is highly effective and cutting-edge; the people ambitious and driven. It is the sort of company you will want to work for if you like fast-paced, variety and potential.

This will suit you if you enjoy a role that is broad in scope and that will make use of your ability to react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with practical solutions to dealing with them.  The role will be challenging and so requires self assurance and competitive drive.  Its fun though and is part of a strong team, leading the way in the niche that they operate.

We envisage that that you will have an advanced degree in a strong quantitative discipline with expert programming skills (R or Python) and have already put these to good use in a commercial Data Scientist role.  You will have well developed communication skills and be comfortable and confident communicating with a wide variety of people.

Basic salary is likely to be in the region of 50k with a bonus and a strong range of additional benefits including flexible working options.

It’s an exciting time to join and so please feel free to contact Paul at RAD Human Resources and we can arrange a time to discuss in more detail.

Software Developer – Cambridge

Frontend Developer – JavaScript

We are looking for an experienced Software Developer to join a high calibre development team based on the outskirts of Cambridge. Working within a supportive team environment, you will be happy supporting the Development Manager with coaching and development of less experienced colleagues as required. There is flexibility with working hours and home working is possible where appropriate. The company is growing and so offers plenty of scope for future development.

In terms of skills and experience we are looking for candidates with a personable approach, who are able to build strong relationships with both their immediate colleagues and those in the wider organisation. You will have expert knowledge of JavaScript/ES6+ and have commercial experience working on ES6+ single page applications using React, Angular, Ember or similar libraries/frameworks. We are also looking for an ability to provide architectural solutions and a good understanding of RESTful APIs.

There is flexibility in terms of salary and we envisage this to be in the region of 40-50k (if you need a bit more then worth talking to us). The benefits package is strong and includes a bonus element, pension, healthcare, 25 days holiday with increases on length of service, free parking and wellness platform.

If you are looking for a permanent role in the Cambridge area, within a company that is going to offer you both a challenging workload as well as a positive working environment, then it is worth you getting in touch with Paul Withers at RAD Human Resources who will be happy to discuss this further with you.