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UK ‘middling’ on apprenticeships, says Mercer UK HRD

Interesting article on apprenticeships and their move into professional services

I think with the ever increasing cost of higher education that there is a great opportunity for employers to sign up, quality candidates at an earlier stage of their career.  I was recently speaking to one of my clients about a scheme they had put in place within their IT team.  They had taken a candidate post A-Level and put together a development plan so that in 3-4 years they would be fully qualified and have the benefit of having hands on practical experience.  It was great for the candidate as they were earning whilst they were learning and the company were really happy as they had a developing employee who longer term was going to be able to fill one of their traditional difficult to recruit roles.

When I went to University there were no fees and so as long as you had enough money for some pot noodles and a few beers you were pretty well set.  In today’s world, there is a much greater cost consideration and I think that if there were more of these options available that employers would be surprised by the calibre of candidates that they could attract.

Interested to hear from those that run apprenticeship schemes or those that have opted for this route over the traditional higher education model?