How to be a great leader

How to be a great leader


This clip from a TED talk by Simon Sinek, highlights some interesting points regarding how we should look after our most important asset.  Business is easy when everything is going well, however the way that you manage your people will really shine through when tougher times come along.  If we look at managing performance, it is of course importance to have a system in place that complies with local legislation, however in my view at the heart of it has to be a clear desire to help and support any of your colleagues that are struggling with performance.  There are many things that happen in life outside of work and sometimes simply understanding this and making slight adjustments can result in a very simple turnaround of a performance issue.

Many companies will claim that people are their most important asset, but unfortunately not all will follow through on this.  The Furlough programme at Barry-Wehmiller is an awesome example of a company that really means it and shows that all employees at every level are in it together and that no man will be left in the field.

I love the fact that because of the confidence and trust gained from strong leadership, the best aspects of human nature shone through, with people working together and trading time to ensure that those that could least afford it were again supported by those that had more flexibility.

Ultimately people drive profit and so it makes sense to look after them!

Additional commentary on Barry-Wehmiller and their people centric culture can be found here





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