Incorporating flexible working into your recruitment strategy

A panel at the Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s (REC) conference has been discussing flexibility in the workplace.  The article below from HR Magazine highlights some of the key points to come out of the discussion.

Interesting that there is still the stigma that flexible working shows a lack of commitment to the company.  Times have changed, particularly when we look at what flexibility technology can allow us, and wholeheartedly agree that when hiring you should consider how a candidate can fulfil the role to the best of their ability.

When discussing flexibility, I often find that the “give” from the employer is usually reasonably small, however can make a massive difference to the candidate.  I understand that there are some instances where flexibility is difficult to grant.  My personal view however is if someone needs to change their working hours to fit around things like childcare or work from home to cut down on their commute, then there is a strong argument to support this as it is a reasonable assumption that a happier employee will perform better than an unhappy one!