RAD Insourcing

Insourcing is the future for those that want to be a true recruitment partner.  RAD specialises in the design and delivery of bespoke recruitment solutions. We work with organisations looking to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Bring recruitment in-house
  • Improve identification and attraction of talent
  • Reduce the time and cost of recruitment
  • Improve the ‘candidate experience’
  • Build a talent pipeline
  • Understand and improve retention issues

RAD will supply you with a recruitment expert that will effectively operate as your flexible, dedicated in-house recruiter. We will get to know your business and tailor a recruitment solution managing all of the hiring process including strategy, attraction, selection and candidate management. This is known as Recruitment Process Insourcing

This is what we do:

We get to know the business.

We will meet key business stakeholders within your organisation to learn of the culture, direction, ambition and structure of the company. We will fully understand recruitment and retention challenges, identify key skills/ employees and recognise talent shortages. By doing this we can start to create a bespoke recruitment plan for every role within the business.

An Introduction to RAD Insourcing

A dedicated Recruiter becomes completely embedded with each of our clients enabling them to effectively bring talent acquisition in-house.

The benefits derived from this are

  1. A more streamlined recruitment process
  2. Improved abilities to identify and attract talent
  3. Elimination of the reliance on 3rd party recruiters
  4. Improved retention
  5. Superior candidate experience

A key employee resigns. It’s often a shock ‐but not to us.

With your management team we will already have identified risks of churn and identified potential replacement candidates in the market.

By doing so we can help ensure a seamless transition and even the potential of a handover. Similarly if there is a particular set of skills that will always be of interest then we will constantly be searching for them. Not for competitors, just for our client.  And if they want them, our expertise will help our clients get them.

Recruit vacancies.

It sounds obvious but many businesses are completely unprepared for staff turnover.

For any vacancy that arises, we will already have a plan on how to recruit; be it through networking, advertising, use of social media or headhunting (or combination of).

A dedicated Recruiter becomes completely embedded with each of our clients enabling them to effectively bring talent acquisition in‐house.

The benefits derived from this is a more streamlined  recruitment process, improved abilities to identify and attract talent, elimination of 3rd party recruiters, improved retention and a superior candidate experience.

Other value added services.

Our service is completely bespoke. We can be set up to appear to be an employee of the business and/or we can work anonymously.

We can review job descriptions and write advertisements, benchmark salaries, give advice on departmental structures, run employee satisfaction surveys and set up employee referral schemes.

Non-competition and confidentiality.

We will not work with direct competitors to you and of course everything is completely confidential. We are happy to – in fact prefer – to sign agreements to this effect.