Recruitment Assistant (P/T) – Cambridge / Remote – £Flex + bonus

“Men wanted for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honour and recognition in case of success.”  Ernest Shackleton

Ernest Shackleton became famous for his attempts to cross the Antarctic. On his second attempt, his boat (Endurance) was trapped on sea ice for 22 months.  What was truly remarkable was that not one person died in this time, which was widely put down to the way that he recruited his team.  He told it how it was and created a team that believed in what he believed and they pulled together to ensure that they all came home to their families.

Thankfully for us at RAD Human Resources, there is no threat of death and working conditions are favourable.  There will however be opportunity for adventure!  For those that like a challenge, believe they can change the world and are happy to challenge the norm then we may have something for you.

We are looking for help with the marketing and delivery of our recruitment solutions. We believe that the traditional multi-agency contingency recruitment model is no longer fit for purpose. This is predominately the result of the way that recruiting companies buy and recruitment companies sell recruitment services.  Our mission is to promote a more effective way of working, one where we work as true business partners on an exclusive basis allowing us to undertake a thorough search and ensure a first rate candidate experience.

We have assembled a team of Senior Recruiters (all 15 years+) with core experience across HR, Finance, Sales/Marketing, Senior Appointments and Early Career/Business Support.  With this experience we are able to support our customers with recruitment assignments across the range of commercial functions.

The big problem we have is that we can’t do it alone as we all have existing commitments to consider.  We therefore need help to ensure a consistent and innovative approach to our recruitment and marketing activities.

We can arrange space for you in central Cambridge, however we believe in a flexible approach to work and so you will be free to choose where and when you want to get things done.  We will work out what activity needs to be achieved and you can deliver it in a manner which suits your other commitments.  Of course we will be on hand to support, however this is an opportunity for someone who is happy to work on their own initiative and enjoy the freedom of doing so.

We are open to how we market our solutions and so want someone who is confident to try new ideas and not afraid of making mistakes in the pursuit of our goals.  For someone studying it is a great opportunity to gain commercial work experience and maybe if interested develop a longer-term career in HR, Recruitment or Digital Marketing.

With this in mind, we are particularly interested in candidates with either a HR or Business/Marketing background.  In terms of the contract there is flexibility and number of hours etc is open to discussion.

Can you help us?

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