Let’s cut to the chase! Our solution is not going to be for everyone. If you have an internal recruitment team or you want to have a crack at it yourself and maybe use a couple of agencies to send some additional candidates to bulk up your long-list then our solution is unlikely to be so relevant for you.

If however you are looking for a full life cycle recruitment solution that offers a clear recruitment timetable as well as fair and transparent pricing, then you can see below an example of how we work with our customers to help improve time and cost of hire.

Recruitment: How to improve your time and cost of hire!

We have spoken many times about the benefits of an exclusive arrangement with your recruitment partner. Our post “How you pay is what you get” goes into detail, however the case study below shows how this works in practice.

There are some common misconceptions, that retained and exclusive arrangements are only relevant for senior hire or that is not a cost effective way to recruit at an early career level. This is incorrect!

Firstly, there are many very experienced Recruiters who now operate as part of smaller entities who understand the importance of exclusive relationships and are able to tailor a fee structure to ensure an agreement that works well for both sides.

Secondly if a hire is not important to your business then you shouldn’t really be making it. Just because it is a role that requires less experience, does not mean it does not require a well structured process. If you therefore are going to use an external partner, then choose one who will be fully committed to your search and who will ensure a first rate candidate journey for those that apply. This will only be achieved when both sides are invested in the process i.e. retained/exclusive arrangement.

At RAD Human Resources our goal is to find customers who believe what we believe and work together so that we can all succeed. With this in mind we offer a range of flexible solutions that are a fair deal for all involved.

The case study below details an experienced hire HR assignment where we took responsibility for the full life cycle resulting in a successful appointment within a favourable timeframe.

The Organisation

An International Pharmaceutical Company with various sites and group companies based UK wide.

The Challenges

We were tasked with the recruitment of a Senior HR Business Partner, to take HR responsibility for a recently acquired company, working closely with the MD and SMT as well as contributing to the wider Group HR Function.

The brief focussed on the search for a highly commercial HR Partner with experience of high tech manufacturing and the ability to work effective with highly knowledge based client groups and influence at a senior management level. Further essential requirements included a strong knowledge of Compensation and Benefits.


We agreed a full lifecycle solution, combining branded online advertising with targeted direct approach through Linkedin and our own network.  We created all advertising copy and shared on both HR specific and generic job boards.  A recruitment timetable was agreed which included potential dates for both first and second stage interviews

We created a long list of interested parties from both the advert response and our own direct efforts.  We were able to reduce down to the final shortlist through a combination of Face-to-Face and Skype interviews.  All applications were managed with a personal response ensuring a positive candidate experience even for those that were unsuccessful in the process.


The shortlist of 4 candidates was met with a positive response, with all candidates meeting the client for a first stage face to face interview. 2 of these candidates moved onto second stage which included both assessment and presentation elements.;  An offer was made and accepted after this stage, which meant a time of hire of 5 weeks from taking the brief through to verbal acceptance of the offer.


This assignment was agreed on an exclusive basis for an initial 28 day period. We covered the cost for the branded advertising, with the agreement that this would be reimbursed if the role was withdrawn within the period of exclusivity.

We agreed to a fixed fee arrangement of £10,000 +VAT, which equated to just under 15% of the annual remuneration. This included a 12 week rebate period.

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