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Now I appreciate that you have probably been contacted by various agencies, all looking to assist you in finding your dream role. I’m sure at some point that you have experienced wasted time and a degree of false hope. The reason for this is that most agencies approach trying to secure you a job in the following manner:

  • They contact you saying we have a job we are recruiting for, we are going to send them your CV and hopefully we will get you an interview.
  • The agency then sends your CV, along with probably 10’s of other CVs to their client.
  • The client then has the task of sifting through the CVs and compiling a shortlist.
  • The client then compiles their short list in whatever way they see fit. They may look at where you went to school/university, what qualifications you have, what experience you have, where you live and a whole load of other factors that don’t take into account what really matters……” can you do the job and will you do it well”

I’m sure you will agree with us for the reasons above that sadly the traditional way of recruiting, is no longer fit for purpose……………………

On this basis we do things in a different manner.

Before we do anything we invite all of our candidates to complete a video interview using a simple online video process. There are many reasons we do this, however ultimately it is because it benefits everybody in the process:

Employers like this process for many reasons:

  1. It saves them a huge amount of time. Time from a hiring manager’s point of view, is a rare commodity that once spent cannot be easily replaced.
  2. By sending video interviews it gives an employer a much better idea of what a person is like, it means that they do not have to sift through a mountain of CVs and short list in the traditional manner.
  3. It also means that they potentially do not miss out on an ideal candidate because they have short listed against overly strict criteria for the role.
  4. It means that they do not necessarily have to do short list interviews as the video interview works instead of this.

From your point of view

It vastly cuts down on wasted time and false hope. As we said at the start of this, we completely understand the frustrations of:

  1. Sending your CV and not being successful at all.
  2. Sending your CV, being short listed to interview, arranging time off, travelling to the interview, completing the interview, waiting to hear, only to be told that you are unsuccessful.

If you are ready to take control and supercharge your jobsearch and would like us to help, then we would like to invite you to record a video interview with us. Once you have completed this, then we will use it to support any applications you make for our vacancies, as well as providing you with a link for the video which you can include on any applications that you make directly.

Hopefully you can see how we are different, we are not looking to reinvent the wheel when it comes to recruitment, we are just looking to build a better wheel!!

Please click the link below, where you will be taken through to further information about our video interview process. It is completely free and without any form of obligation.


please click here to start our video interview process

We appreciate that this process may be daunting to some people, however there really is nothing to worry about.

We firmly believe the unknown is always worse than the reality…………

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