Video Interviewing Tips for Job Seekers

Using Video Interview technology as part of your job seeking strategy is an awesome way to stand out against your competition.

We use a simple  (6 x 1 minute questions) video interview to allow our candidates the opportunity to bring their application to life.  The harsh reality of many recruitment processes is that the recruiters receive too many applications to undertake an overly detailed screen of all applications.  They will shortlist against rigid criteria in order to be able to work through the response.  This is particularly relevant if we look at roles which do not require too much work experience, such as graduate/entry level roles.

Imagine being the hiring manager and receiving 100 CVs of candidates that for all intents and purposes look the same. At the risk of being overly simplistic, they just want to find someone who can do the job and who will turn up on time and get on with it.  In order to get to this point they need to shortlist the applications and to do this they need selection criteria.  The nature of early career level positions means that work experience will be limited and so often the selection criteria used is factors such as academic grades achieved, where you went to Uni etc.

Although this is useful information, it does not bring any level of personality into the mix.  When we consider long term success in a role, we all know that personality goes a long way and so it is a shame that employers are potentially missing out on strong candidates because they have been screened out purely on academics etc.

The good news is that video interviewing allows the employer to make better informed decisions as they can assess a candidate’s personality/ communication ability etc alongside their paper based qualifications.

We do not have a candidate database like the traditional high street agencies that you will be familiar with.  We are not going to give you the sales patter about how we represent every single company in your local town.  We work with our clients exclusively on an assignment by assignment basis and work closely with them to secure the best people for their vacancies.  This however does not mean we can’t help you.

We place great emphasis on making a positive impact to the communities in which we operate. We have significant recruitment experience gained across many sectors and are happy to share this with you and help you with your job search strategy.  Our video interview solution is available to you free of charge.  You can attach the personalised URL to any job applications that you make, whether with us or direct to employer adverts.  You have complete control over your information at all times, we will not share it with anyone without your permission and you can request to cancel the link at anytime.  We can also share with you some interesting strengths and personality profiling tests as well as have a look over your CV for you.

Sometimes trying new things can be daunting, however the process is really simple and you have complete control over it at any time.  Check out the process at our Register with Us page and take the first steps to supercharge your job search strategy!

Finally a few tips regarding preparation for your video interview.


“Paul Withers is an experienced Recruiter with extensive exposure gained across a diverse range of industry sectors. Equally happy working at entry through to director level, he is well placed to advise on any recruitment challenges that you may be currently facing.